What font does New York Times use? (Answered)


Newspapers have since forever, been around. We all have the recollection of the regular delivery of huge piles of newspapers to the newsstands. Newspaper editorial design has always been about beautifully designed templates and amazing typography use. The New York Times is the first famous newspaper to come to mind as we discuss the iconic use of fonts.

The New York Times, the New York City morning daily, a long-standing U.S. newspaper, and one of the world’s great newspapers. The Times was established as a penny paper in 1851 to discourage emotionalism and report the news in a disciplined and unbiased fashion.

As its key font, The New York Times uses Georgia. This has been a Times New Roman turn. As Georgia is wider and simpler to read, the newspaper said it made the switch; however it continues to use Arial as its sans serif font. The Georgia typeface is comparable to Times New Roman, another transitional sequence re-imagination.

The New York Times main font: Georgia

georgio What font does New York Times use? (Answered)

Georgia is a typeface booming with typographic character, albeit inspired by the need for – and presenting – clarity at low resolutions on the screen. The face radiates a sense of kindness even at small sizes; a sensation of warmness that many might insist has been disintegrated from Times New Roman by overuse.

This is as much proof of the skill of the designer of the typeface, Matthew Carter, as it is of any intrinsic nature of the design of the face because the tiny pixel spaces of the screen can be a nerve-racking canvas. Carter has completely achieved developing a typeface family in Georgia that blends high readability with character and charm.

Fonts Similar to Georgia


miller What font does New York Times use? (Answered)

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f3e7s1?v4a60e9ef938a7fa0240ac9ba567062cb What font does New York Times use? (Answered)

Miller is a Matthew Carter-designed transitional serif typeface family. it was published by the Font Bureau in 1997. It is deemed as a Scotch Roman design – a style that was common during the nineteenth century, originating in Scotland. Miller is closely correlated to the previous Scotch Roman revival of Carter, Microsoft’s very famous Georgia family.

For its use in numerous US newspapers, Miller is successful. It is a big family featuring a special edition of the show as well as small caps and italic small caps. That is a feature usually encountered in historical Scotch Romans.

Kazimir Text

kazimir What font does New York Times use? (Answered)

With a somewhat simple graphic idea, Kazimir Text is a stylish serif typeface. It is the writing version of a Kazimir typeface display.

Linked to Kazimir, Kazimir Text has a moderately more extensive proportion, a slightly lower contrast, and an extremely more extensive codepage with widespread language support.

Also reviewed was a collection of stylistic options named Irregular. They also became more fitting for text usage. The number of styles became much broader as well: 11 Romans and 11 Italics.


abril What font does New York Times use? (Answered)

Abril is a Modern serif typeface.  It was formed by José Scaglione and Veronika Burian. It was published within the Czech Republic-based plant TypeTogether in 2011. The Abril font family is a trustworthy, modern representation of a traditional news face and was used for intense editorial usage in publications, magazines, and digital media.

The Display styles have an influential appearance and a significant touch on the page while the Text styles were superintended from scratch to obtain the right hue, feel, and overall amplitude for convenient, consecutive delivery in printed and digital environments.

What is the New York Times Logo Font?

When we look at The New York Times’ logo, it might seem at first that it is set in the blackletter font. Surprisingly, this logo was actually hand-made.

The logo is based on the Gothic style, also known as the blackletter. It was a style popular in the 12th century and was mostly used in European languages.

Similar Fonts to NYT logo font

English Towne Font

engravers What font does New York Times use? (Answered)

This font was invented by Morris Fuller Benton. Although it was invented in 1907, this font was actually an improved version of the familiar nineteenth century blackletter.


It is a completely free font that is composed of two styles. This font also comes with various family package options which make it ideal for everyday use.


Chomsky What font does New York Times use? (Answered)

Chomsky is a typeface that has been created by Fredrick Brennan. The name of the font derives from the NYT’s characteristic nameplate. Although it has the same name, the font is not similar at all to the NYT masthead.

NYT’s sans serif font: Arial


Arial What font does New York Times use? (Answered)

This is a modern sans-serif font. Created by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders, this font was designed for Monotype back in 1982. Arial has become of the most used fonts today. It has become a standard typeface for normal computer usage.

This is a font that is relatively easy to read. That is why it has an immense amount of applications. From book design to advertising and even office communication, this font has been used for so many things. Because the widths are so narrow, the font is ideal for all kinds of posters and large prints.

Similar Fonts to Arial


helveica What font does New York Times use? (Answered)

Helvetica is a font that has been created by Max Miedinger. This font has come into use in 1957. The design of this typeface has had most of its inspiration from Akzidenz Grotesk.

This is why Helvetica now is thought as the quintessential neo-grotesque typeface.

Neue Haas Unica

neue-haas-unica What font does New York Times use? (Answered)

Neue Haas Unica is a font similar to Helvetica. The only difference is that it has a narrower letterforms and the spacing is lightly looser. This family of fonts comes in nine weights. These are ultra light, thin, light, regular, medium, bold, heavy, black and extra black—each with matching italic styles.

Previously used Main font by NYT : Times New Roman

Times New Roman

Times-New-Roman1 What font does New York Times use? (Answered)

Times New Roman is the most popular serif typeface. This famous font has been commissioned by the British newspaper, The Times. It was created in 1931 by Stanley Morison.

He was an artistic consultant to the British branch of the printing equipment company Monotype. He founded this font in collaboration with Victor Lardent, a lettering artist in The Times’s advertising department. It has become one of the most popular typefaces of all time and is installed on most desktop computers.

Fonts Similar to Times New Roman


plantin What font does New York Times use? (Answered)

This is another serif typeface. It is transitional and was originally created by Fritz Stelzer and Frank Hinman Pierpont. This was in 1913. The design of this font was created based on a typeface that originated from the sixteenth century.

Nimbus Roman

nimbus-roman What font does New York Times use? (Answered)

This serif typeface was released in 1982 by the URW. The whole design took inspiration from the Nimbus Roman and Times New Roman font. This font has a sister sans-serif family. This family is based on Helvetica.

It is crucial for a text to be readable. When writing longer sections of text, you have to have font readability in mind. That is because the fonts are the most important characteristic of a text and they add the biggest value to it. If you choose the right font, choice, and text size, you will be guaranteed a success.

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