Why Web Design Matters for Your Canadian Business

A lot of things change quickly in modern times. Just 10 or 20 years ago it was incredibly useful and all but required to pay for ads in newspapers if you wanted your business to grow any meaningful amount. Today such things are almost useless, but new things have replaced those adverts.

One of the most important things any good business needs is a good website. If you don’t have one you’re going to have a much harder time attracting customers than any competitors which have a well-built website up and running. This is why today we’ll be covering exactly why web design is so important in today’s market. Let’s get into it.

The world is going online

Most people get their information online in 2023 and the number of people using TVs and especially newspapers are sharply declining. This means that your most effective methods of bringing customers into your business and retaining them will also be online.

Things such as your website or ads on certain sites are the most likely ways for you to attract new customers. Of course, local adverts and similar things can also bring in locals to your business, but even they have a high chance of looking your business up online, and if they don’t find a site or find one which is poorly made they might not want to risk working with your or consuming your goods and/or services.

This is why having a good online presence is important according to the experts at Guru SEO and Web Design Services, one of top canadian web design and SEO companies. Social media also works wonders but having a good website will massively increase the odds of people seeing what you do and wanting a part of it. If there are competitors in your area of expertise and you are the one with the best web design then you have a high chance of getting more customers than them even if they have better products. People routinely look up businesses before doing work with them and the first thing they like to see is a well-made website that gives them all the info they are looking for.

Beauty and functionality

In the early 2000s businesses could get away with having mediocre websites. Some popular businesses even had websites that barely included anything except HTML and a bit of javascript. Today you need a website that looks good and professionally designed and is also functional. You don’t want a site that works wonderfully and has everything people need but has the visual appeal of a middle-school sketch. On the other hand, you also don’t want one that looks incredible but has a terrible user experience or even doesn’t contain everything people might need to find on it such as contact info.

Finding someone to make a site for you that has a good balance of the two can be quite costly, but if you find someone who’s willing to haggle a bit over the price then you can get something very good for a reasonable price. Even if it’s still a bit pricey you can think of it as an investment that has a high chance of bringing more traffic to your place of work which in turn also means more profits. It’s a financial decision that has a very good probability of paying off and we definitely recommend doing it.

Are there alternatives?

While there are other things that you could invest in such as advertisements in various places it’s important to remember that ads don’t immediately bring you customers, instead they mostly give customers the knowledge of your existence which usually leads to them googling your business. This again wraps around and comes back to the fact that you need a quality site which is the first thing that pops up whenever someone searches the name of your business and which has a high search ranking if they google products related to you.

So while there are other things you could do to bring more customers into your business a quality site is still the best way, and when it comes down to it the cost of making a good one is really not that much compared to the potential profits you could make out of having a great website. We suggest looking around for someone who can provide you with this service as soon as possible in order to start getting those extra customers.


In our opinion, it’s virtually impossible to operate a decently large-scale business profitably in today’s day and age without having at least a half-decent site that will inform people of everything you are about and provide an opportunity to reel in more customers. It works well on its own and even better in conjunction with advertisements which just makes it overall an incredible investment in our opinion.

We highly recommend anyone who’s in the process of building a business to get one as soon as possible. In summary, having a good website is important for any successful business today because it helps give potential customers an understanding of what you have to offer and also reduces their perceived risk when it comes working with your or consuming your goods and/or services. Investing in a quality site should be done right away and will no doubt bring many more customers in due time. Good luck!