Privacy is assaulted in broad daylight and everything we do is recorded with an unforgiving permanence. We trade away our private data for services and conveniences — not realizing that the government has become party to every agreement we enter into. Due to the 3rd-Party Doctrine, we have no reasonable expectation of privacy in the digital age. The government uses this loophole to purchase data from brokers, completely evading the boundaries established by the 4th amendment.

This invasion into our lives has become completely normalized.

Even if we don’t value privacy ourselves, by not standing up for privacy we actually hurt the most vulnerable in society.

In this video I talk about the very real horrors that have occurred throughout history when surveillance becomes a tool for oppression, stripping away the freedoms of the people, and changing the fabric of society. I explain why this is where we are heading. I also explain some simple steps you can take TODAY tell you what steps you can take TODAY to protect yourself.

00:00 Terrifying Poll: Yes, you’re complicit too!
04:31 1984 is NOW
07:02 Government Data Collection
16:21 Modern Dystopian Governments
23:26 Historical Losses of Civil Liberties
26:00 Surveillance Today
31:29 Free Speech is in Danger
34:01 What Can We Do?
38:26 Privacy Tools
43:28 Conclusion

It’s essential that we start to reclaim the narrative and remind people that privacy is crucial for a free society.

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Recommended Books:

Beginner’s Introduction To Privacy – Naomi Brockwell

Permanent Record – Edward Snowden

What has the government done to our money – Rothbard

Extreme Privacy – Michael Bazzel (The best privacy book I’ve ever read)

No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State – Glenn Greenwald

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