Modern cars are a privacy nightmare.

It’s worse than you realize. In this video we dive into all the types of data your car is collecting about you: from video footage, microphone recordings, location data, biometrics, all the way to files/contacts/photos ingested from your phone!

00:00 Cars are NO place for a private conversation!
02:11 What data is our car collecting?
05:41 Video footage
06:16 Microphones
08:09 Location
08:40 There’s a SIM card in your phone, sending off all your data!
10:01 Telematics
10:56 Sensors: Capturing weight, emotions, etc
13:00 Who is getting access to our data
14:06 This is a huge problem

This is the first video in a series we’re doing on car privacy. Later in the series we examine:
– how easy it is to hack modern cars
– trackers in cars that you had no idea existed
– the perverse incentives that drive companies to collect as much data about us as possible
– the history of when this all started
– dangers of used cars: the previous owner of your car might still have access to all your car’s remote features, tracking tools, and cameras!
– how to wipe your own information and location history from your car before you sell it
– how to opt out of this collection and better protect yourself

We really need to get a conversation going around car privacy, and increase awareness. It’s so important we push back against the normalization of these practices, starting now.

Special Thanks to Andrea Amico, Dale Wooden, Sam Curry and Ghost Exodus for lending their expertise to this piece!

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