Telegram advertises itself as a private messaging app, and has attracted over 800 million users. But Telegram is one of the last apps I’d recommend if you’re looking for private communication.

In this video we explain how encryption actually works on Telegram: how it’s not possible to end-to-end encrypt group chats, and how direct messages are not private by default. There are also some red flags about their encryption protocol, and how they present their overall privacy to the broader public.

00:00 Intro
00:47 Group Chats
01:38 One to One Messages
04:25 Encryption
05:54 Who Gets Access to Your Data
08:27 Conclusion

Group chats on Telegram are wildly popular. But just remember that those messages are all able to be read by Telegram, as well as anyone else who is able to get access. I don’t want anyone being misled about the privacy on the platform due to impressive marketing campaigns.

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