For years I stacked random SSDs and hard drives in the corner of my room hoping none of them would fail. Now, I can dump all of my data onto a massive 50TB drive, and it automatically uploads and syncs across multiple other locations and sends my data to other people. Pretty sweet, right? Let me show you how I did it.

Best Synology NAS prices I could find:
⮕ DS1821+ (my main 8 drive NAS):
⮕ DS1621+ (the 6 drive backup NAS):
⮕ DS923+ (smaller 4 drive NAS):
⮕ Synology 10GbE Upgrade Module (RJ45):
⮕ 8TB NAS Hard Drives:

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00:00 I Have A Problem
01:17 My Data Situation
02:40 Building My NAS
05:11 How I Share Data
06:53 A Better Version of Time Machine
07:55 Backing Up Data

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