A lot of people claimed the original Air75 from Nuphy was the “best” wireless mechanical keyboard you could get. In 2023, Nuphy released their updated V2 version with a heap of new features, but how does it stack up to the original version? And which one should you buy?

Buy the Nuphy Air75 V2 here:
⮕ From Nuphy’s website (use code CT10 for 10% off): https://crtd.tech/air75v2

Other Nuphy products mentioned (use code CT10 for 10% off):
⮕ Air60 V2 (compact keyboard): https://crtd.tech/air60v2
⮕ Air96 V2 (standard-sized keyboard): https://crtd.tech/air96v2
⮕ Shine-through keycaps: https://crtd.tech/shinethroughkeycaps

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00:00 Introduction
00:20 Pricing
01:10 New Color Options
01:38 Transparent Back Case
02:02 New Adjustable Feet
03:30 Side LEDs
04:52 Battery Life
05:26 2.4G Connection
07:05 Connectivity
07:42 QMK/VIA
08:25 Typing Experience
09:13 New Switches
09:57 Typing Test
10:13 Which One Should You Buy?

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