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The LG C3 OLEV TV is one of the most popular TVs right now, even with the newer (and better?) LG C4 TV just around the corner. But how does it stack up in 2024 against the competition? Is it still a good buy for movies, TV shows, and other content consumption as well as gaming?

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00:00 Introduction
00:59 What Size?
02:04 Unboxing
02:22 Design
03:34 Laifen Toothbrush
05:08 Ports/Connectivity
06:33 Magic Motion Remote
07:31 Interface/Menu/WebOS
08:30 Customizability
09:43 Panel Technology
10:59 Gaming
12:50 OLED Burn-In
13:39 Should You Buy The LG C3?

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