The current state of privacy is bad. Surveillance today is pervasive, and the effects of this surveillance on the fabric of society is profound. We need to make sure we’re fully aware of the consequences of creating a world without privacy.

If we want to reclaim privacy in the digital age, the answer is not to throw out our devices, it’s to truly embrace technology, and leverage all the new, cutting edge privacy and encryption technologies being developed every day.

We are empowered human beings. And many of us aren’t just passive enjoyers of technology — we have a say in the direction that this technology will take, and are helping write its future. It’s in our power to make sure that the future we create is the best possible timeline, not the worst.

So let’s be intentional about the kind of future we want.

00:00 1984 vs Reality
05:36 Current State of Privacy
10:43 Surveillance & The Risk To Freedom
18:52 Psychological Impact of Pervasive Surveillance
23:37 Recap So Far
24:14 What Can We Do
33:45 Make Privacy a Human Right
35:45 Q&A – Voluntary Surrender of Data
39:52 Q&A – “I Have Nothing To Hide”
43:45 Q&A – Living up to the title “Private Citizen”
44:24 Q&A – Data Hoarding Liability
46:45 Q&A – SnapChat
49:18 Q&A – How to Change Work Privacy Culture
51:18 Q&A – Staying Private in a Cashless Society

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Recommended Books:

Beginner’s Introduction To Privacy – Naomi Brockwell

Permanent Record – Edward Snowden

What has the government done to our money – Rothbard

Extreme Privacy – Michael Bazzel (The best privacy book I’ve ever read)

No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State – Glenn Greenwald

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Use the Brave browser!

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Faraday bag (signal stopping, to protect your fob, credit card, computer, and phone)

Data Blocker (if you’re charging your phone in an unknown port, use this so that no data is transferred)

Computer privacy screen (use your computer in public? Keep your information safe! Choose the size right for your computer)

Phone privacy screen (don’t let people in public see your private data, choose the size for your phone)
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Camera cover (for computers and phones, so no one can access your camera without you knowing)

Privacy Tip: Turn off your wifi and bluetooth when you’re not using them!!!

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