Every picture and video you post spills secrets about you, maybe even revealing where you live. The process of connecting all these dots of our online activities is a practice known as Open Source Intelligence, or OSINT. It’s the practice of using all the information available online such as public records, reviews we write, email addresses, usernames, location check ins, and social media, to link together the breadcrumbs of someone’s digital life.

Jose Monkey has 1.7 million TikTok followers, and shows us how he finds people’s exact location just by using OSINT on their videos. We teach you best practices for posting photos and videos online, and how to make sure that you’re not giving away more information than you intend.

00:00 Every Pic You Post Spills Secrets
01:11 OSINT: Breadcrumbs of your digital life
02:22 Finding people’s EXACT location from videos
02:54 Tools to track people
05:45 Tips to Protect Yourself When Posting
09:23 Beware of the Culture of Oversharing
09:55 Conclusion

The practice of using OSINT to piece together our online trail is incredibly powerful, and can lead curious minds right to our digital doorsteps.

Special Thanks to Jose Monkey for his delightful expertise and contribution to this piece!
You can find his channels here:

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