Thanks to powerful marketing, privacy is something we’ve come to immediately associate with Apple. But your iCloud is probably NOT as private as you think.

Last year, Apple added E2EE for iCloud backups, with a tool called “Advanced Data Protection”. This setting means that your documents, photos, and other personal information in iCloud are kept private and out of the reach of even Apple itself.

BUT, this setting is NOT turned on by default.

Unless you have specifically turned on the setting, and set backup users or codes, everything in your iCloud can be read by Apple. And regardless of whether Advanced Data Protection is enabled, some things in the Apple ecosystem are never E2EE, and it’s important to know what they are.

In this video we explain exactly what is being protected with Advanced Data Protection, how to turn it on, its limitations, and other options that you might use for your backups instead.

00:00 Your iCloud is NOT as Private as you Think
01:49 Advanced Data Protection Explained
02:37 Set Up
04:34 Limitations
05:48 Alternative Backup Options
06:52 Summary

Don’t presume that your iPhone is more private than it actually is. If you use Apple’s iCloud, absolutely make sure that you have Advanced Data Protection turned on.

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