40 Creative Website Footer Designs for Inspiration

Although the footer of a web design appears at the end of the page yet it cannot be neglected. With an effective footer design, you can create a long-lasting impression on your visitors. Through a well designed footer, you can certainly grab the visitors’ attention.

In this article we are presenting the most innovative and amazing examples of websites showing impressive footers. These footer designs prove that you can effectively utilize a website footer to provide that extra bit of improvement in the user’s experience.

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It’s awesome how they made their website footer to be so creative and functional at the same time. Look what’s under the surface of Zoyo Yogurt shop! Pretty cool!

footer design inspiration ZoyoYoghurt footer design

This footer design takes the creativity to the next level by simply combining different fundamental aspects of web design:

footer design inspiration 43 folders

A simple and uncluttered footer design that showcases beautiful and visually appealing graphics.

footer design inspiration BimbiSicuramente

4. Yuru Inspires

This creatively designed artistic footer not only fulfills the visual requirements of a website but also makes navigating the website easier.

footer design inspiration Yuru Inspires

This one is simply outstanding, an original and creative footer design that will surely impress your target audience.

footer design inspiration Mecannical

6. Split Da Diz

This footer design makes use of a color scheme quite smartly and the subtle uses of white inserted into the black definitely look great.

footer design inspiration Split Da Diz

This is another amazing example of impressive footer design that demonstrates how you can incorporate loads of information in an effective manner.

footer design inspiration Green Woods Country Club in Winsted

In this footer design, notice how the overall look of a website can be improved solely by its footer design without compromising the usability of the site.

footer design inspiration Thepixel

Here you will notice how far a designer’s creativity can take us. Simply awesome.

footer design inspiration Grzegorzkozak

This sleek design makes use of a beautiful image along with the desired information.

footer design inspiration Dandelionpath

11. Midnighters Club

This is a beautifully designed and creative footer design that brings to lights the importance of simplicity and elegance. The design has been created with a straightforward approach.

footer design inspiration Midnightersclub

12. Volll

This footer design shows the use of loads of colorful images and eye-catching illustration to grab the visitors’ attention.

footer design inspiration Volll

The website offer two different versions of its footer design that you can switch by simply clicking on the link presented at the bottom of the page.

footer design inspiration Seesparkbox

This footer design shows that you can also utilize your footer to completely portray your creative thinking as well as make your web design look stunning.

footer design inspiration Meomi

15. Bits & Pixels

This is another excellent example of a creative and artistically designed footer. Through this footer design, the designer has successfully communicated the name as well as the meaning behind this website.

footer design inspiration Bits & Pixels

Large images and bold typography are used here in order to draw the users’ attention and make them take the required action

footer design inspiration Mom and popcorn

Here you will notice a very creative footer design that is simple yet very attractive. This design carries a straight-to-the-point approach that grabs the attention.

footer design inspiration Nuevo Aurich

This footer design also presents just the adequate information to assist the visitors in navigating the website properly as well as presents a beautiful image as a visual treat.

footer design inspiration Launch Mind

19. Carsonified

Such a beautiful and unique way to separate the footer of a website from rest of the web design.

footer design inspiration Carsonified

With this visually alluring footer design, the website attracts loads of visitors while providing them with valuable information.

footer design inspiration Bristol Archive Records

21. McClanahan Studio

Quite impressive and remarkable use of creativity in this footer design. Simply outstanding, innovative and wonderfully designed footer.

footer design inspiration Mcclanahanstudio

This is another brilliant work done by the designer that speaks volumes about itself. The creativity and originality of this footer design is simply amazing.

footer design inspiration Duplos

23. Rainbow walk

This footer design works mainly because of its appealing illustration and classy color palette that grabs the attention of viewers.

footer design inspiration Rainbow walk

This footer design has attention-grabbing, large and appealing graphics and colorful elements that hold the visitors’ attention.

footer design inspiration Twither

25. Story Pixel

Here, the designer successfully combined different design elements and the color palette to coincide with the overall layout of the website. That makes it look visually appealing.

footer design inspiration Story Pixel

Notice how you can effectively incorporate important functionality such as Twitter updates into your footer design and make it look visually alluring and enticing.

footer design inspiration Tapbots

This design is somewhat simple as compared to others seeing that it only contains a family of appetizing pie on top of a search box.

footer design inspiration Urban Pie

28. Ultra web studio

This footer design shows that you can certainly incorporate loads of information and different elements into your footer design without making it look too clumsy.

footer design inspiration Ultra web studio

Notice how effectively the designer has taken advantage of simple and eye-catching illustrations to grab the attention of the audience then shifts that attention to the right direction.

footer design inspiration Helmy-bern

30. Ecoki

This footer design makes use of a different approach that sets it apart from other ordinary footer designs.

footer design inspiration Ecoki

This footer design together with its nice and catchy colors and attractive elements make it a visual treat.

footer design inspiration Jason Santa Maria

32. Outdoor italia

This is a somewhat unusual design for website footers but it truly stands out from the rest because of its natural and subtle look.

footer design inspiration Outdoor italia

33. R.U.4 Children

In this footer design, you will notice how you can design a beautiful and visually appealing footer while keeping it simple and uncluttered.

footer design inspiration R.U.4 Children

Against a dark background, the footer successfully provides all the relevant and necessary information that helps visitors navigate your site in a better way.

footer design inspiration Code my concept

Noupe adds a little bit of extra oomph to its footer design by using eye-catching textures that make it hard to forget.

footer design inspiration Noupe

36. Word Refuge

Here’s another example of a simple but attractive footer design that does not provide loads of information but does provide what’s necessary to help visitors navigating the site more effectively.

footer design inspiration Word Refuge

Although the footer design more or less is analogous to the general layout, it looks quite appealing and artistic.

footer design inspiration Duirwaigh

With the help of this understated design, Me & Oli keeps their footer design creative and simple and focuses only on the information.

footer design inspiration Me & Oli

This is a skillfully designed footer that is unique and creative in its own way and highlights the importance of simplicity and elegance.

footer design inspiration Web design - marca Web4Biz!

40. Blogsolid

A simple and minimal footer design with only the required information in it. Simply beautiful!

footer design inspiration Blogsolid

41. Groovy web design

With loads of eye catching and colorful elements, this footer design demands its place in our collection of worth-watching footer designs.

footer design inspiration Groovy web design

42. Biowind

A simple and soothing footer design that somewhat resembles the overall design layout. On the whole, it is quite impressive and appealing.

footer design inspiration Biowind

Quite an unusual color combination here and an absolutely brilliant approach has been incorporated into this footer design.

footer design inspiration Snailbird

The footer has been designed as a part of the overall web design but beautifully sets itself apart and provides a link to its contact form.

footer design inspiration Grzegorz kozak

45. Tulsa Tough

Quite a standard design for the website footer yet stands apart mainly because of its beautiful color selection and ability to display important information.

footer design inspiration Tulsa Tough

46. Tvrdek

Here is another beautiful example of a subtle footer design. Tvrdek uses a dark brownish shade for its footer design that truly stands out from the overall color scheme.

footer design inspiration Tvrdek

47. Zagreb Fever

This footer design brings warm and inviting colours into play in order to engage their visitors. The colour scheme works well and makes it stand out.

footer design inspiration Zagreb Fever

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