How Zomato Helps Restaurants Cut Down Operational Costs?
How Zomato Helps Restaurants Cut Down Operational Costs?

When you run a restaurant, there are several operations involved. Some run at the front of the house while some run in the background. A restauranteur is burdened with the challenge of managing these operations, more importantly, with the expenditure on these operations. Without any control over the operational costs, your restaurant would face trouble while treading through India’s current marketplace of increasing prices and fluctuating resource availability. 

To save costs on these operations, restaurateurs should consider taking the help of Zomato and try a unique approach towards cost optimization.

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Zomato and Your Restaurant

Zomato can help reduce the costs of important restaurant operations, such as:

Customer service 

Raw material management 


Below, we’ll understand the role of Zomato is bringing down the expenditure for these three critical restaurant operations.

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Unified Customer Service

In India’s restaurant business, you need to spend significantly on customer service. It is important for every restauranteur to know what customers are feeling about the food and services offered at his/her restaurant.

The operational costs for customer service are always high because a restaurant needs to set up direct communication with its customers, particularly for obtaining feedback on the quality of food and listening to their complaints. 

Zomato offers a unified customer service solution for its restaurant partners. The Zomato mobile app, along with its web version, takes care of multiple things where customers can communicate to the restaurant directly. 

  • Zomato users can share their reviews and provide ratings
  • Customers can rate a restaurant based on the quality of food and other services
  • Grievances or complaints can be shared and mitigated 

The restaurant aggregator also enables customers to book table reservations. 

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When Zomato shares all this information with the restaurant, it is clearly organized and accurate. These customer service features are deeply integrated with Zomato’s restaurant aggregator service packages. 

Reduced Food Wastage 

Through its timely and safe food delivery service and its precise online ordering system, Zomato helps restaurants save money on the usage of raw food materials. Usually, a restaurant loses a lot of money on excessive raw material usage every day, particularly due to multiple instances of food wastage. For example, some waiters or servers are unable to take up correct orders. Sometimes, a poor in-house delivery system can cause spillage and result in “food not acceptable” scenarios, especially during peak hours. 

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Zomato’s food delivery and online ordering domain take care of these things. It ensures the food ordering process is completely automated and digitized, eliminating the risk of human errors. A restaurant can use the online food delivery service that Zomato offers, and stop being concerned about the costs arising from food damage, spillage, etc. Zomato diligently takes care of this damage control and even the consequences that follow. Zomato also disables the users from cancelling the orders at the last minute. With its own full-fledged staff, Zomato helps restaurants save their investments on hiring delivery employees and maintaining their own food delivery service. 

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Cost-effective Marketing

Marketing operations often tend to overshoot the budgets of restaurants. You want your restaurant to be recognized as a local establishment, and for that, you take up several marketing activities. However, in the absence of a full-fledged marketing team, a restauranteur is unable to control the costs spent on such promotional operations. 

The Zomato mobile app promotes restaurants based on their customer engagement, review ratings,  and overall experience. It runs promotional campaigns for its exclusive restaurant members. To benefit from Zomato’s online marketing, restaurateurs can subscribe and become exclusive partners. The subscription costs spent are far more economical than the funds required to run a marketing campaign independently. This definitely helps if your restaurant is running on the limited funds procured from government-aided business loans.

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Final Thoughts

With that said, Zomato is more than just an online food delivery service. There are many ways in which a restaurant can save money by partnering with this service provider. In addition to the above operations, Zomato can also save costs on financing, accounting, and food safety, and even provide taxation benefits. It is benefits like these that explain why Zomato is one of India’s leading players in the foodservice industry. In the years to come, this trend of cutting down the operating costs with the help of such foodservice partners is going to make a key impact on India’s restaurant and F&B businesses. 

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