Marketing remains an integral part of every business. If you are a restauranteur or are planning to start a restaurant, you need to be aware of all the marketing tools you can use to reach out to an audience. Here are the top sources of restaurant marketing available right now, including social media platforms:

Platforms to Market for Restaurants


Google is the most used search engine in the country and it is vital to have a Google+ page for your small business. Your customers are going to look for a restaurant nearby using Google and if you are not present in search results, the customers will not be aware of your existence. When you create a Google+ page, it increases SEO for your page and will lead to high traffic volume. It will also populate the location on Google Maps, which is important for benefitting the business. 

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A very popular social media platform, Facebook offers a unique opportunity to market your business. Most of your customers are already on Facebook and they are looking for a restaurant, reading up on reviews, and taking a look at the photos uploaded on the page. To successfully promote your restaurant, you need to create a business page with details about your restaurant and link the page to your website. You can also connect the page to other services where customers post reviews. Update the page from time to time with the latest photos, events, and news. 


Spread the latest news about deals, special events, and offers at the restaurant through Twitter. You can include images and links to the menu. Remember to use the right hashtags and time the tweets well to reach the right people. Twitter can be an effective way of promoting signature dishes using photos. If you offer home delivery of food, tweet about the same with an image at around 10:30 p.m.

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TripAdvisor is a very popular review platform. Ask your customers to share a detailed review of your restaurant with images, if possible. This will help ensure that your restaurant reaches out to the right people. Many customers have a habit of checking the review before they walk into a restaurant. Make sure to monitor customer reviews of the restaurant and address the concerns of those users who post negative reviews. 

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Crystal clear pictures and the right caption will get your business noticed on Instagram. Whenever you create posts on Instagram, you need to ensure that the photo is relevant and interesting. You can start by posting a picture of your signature dish, include pictures of your kitchen, employees and the location. You can also share pictures of the customers who have had an excellent dining experience at your restaurant. Choose the right and most trending hashtags to get higher audience attention. Remember to post regularly and share details about special offers, live events or new additions to the menu. You need to set aside a significant amount from your budget for marketing of the restaurant. If you are running short of funds, consider a business loan to take effective marketing actions. 

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Website and blog

The best platform to promote your restaurant is through a website and blog. Even if you have a strong presence across social media platforms, customers will look forward to taking a look at your website. When you design a website, you need to ensure that it is easy to navigate. You need to update the blog to generate SEO and website traffic. Provide information about special offers, signature dishes, and live events. Enable customers to create a reservation directly from the website. Remember to link the website to your online marketing channels for customers to visit your pages. 

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Keep these six platforms in mind to promote your restaurant business. You need to work on each platform with a unique strategy. 

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