Zomato has become synonymous with Google when it comes to finding the right restaurant. From Gen-X to millennials, everyone is hooked on Zomato for good food. Almost all restaurants want to be listed on Zomato to increase client footfall and bring in more revenue. 

Sales promotion on Zomato comes with a considerable advantage that traditional modes of advertisement fail to bring – visibility. With 90 million monthly visits all over the world, all eyes are on Zomato, which helps in boosting visibility.

What is Sales Promotion On Zomato?

Sales promotion strategies are used by businesses to promote their product or service using short-term marketing initiatives to increase demand as well as sales. In short, here are the objectives of using sales promotional tactics.

Benefits of Sales Promotion on Zomato

  • To introduce new services or products in the market,
  • To increase the sale of existing inventories,
  • Increase footfall in your business establishment,
  • To increase overall sales temporarily.

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The food and beverage industry is highly competitive. Capturing the attention of your clientele is becoming more and more difficult. In such a saturated market, promoting your business on Zomato will give you a competitive edge. Here are some promotional strategies restaurants and hotels can use by listing on Zomato.

Innovative Promotional Strategies For Zomato

  • Zomato Gold Loyalty Program:

Once you are listed on Zomato, engage in unique sale promotion strategies on Zomato to keep the customers interested and engaged. The Zomato Gold membership is an exclusive loyalty program that comes with several features like 2+2 complimentary drinks or a BOGO dine and drinking offer. Restaurants listed on Zomato have gone on record to say that marketing initiatives such as this have boosted customer traffic significantly. 

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Restaurants and hotels that participate in this loyalty program offer the patrons some sort of freebies like a complimentary meal or drink. Thanks to Zomato Gold, dining out has become much more affordable than before, and people are using it.

  • Discounts, and Combos

If your restaurant or hotel is located in an area surrounded by small offices and colleges then offering combos and discounts will work well for your business. Partner restaurants listed on Zomato can offer discounts codes and combos that are a great hit among people falling in the age group of 18-25 years.

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For example, we often see restaurants offering a 50 per cent discount on orders above Rs. 100 with code ZOMATO. Apart from this, the Thali and Combo system is excellent for students looking for affordable yet filling meals during the weekdays. So, by using this promotional tactic you will be offering a high-value meal at a low price to people ordering online and increase your sales.

Zomato Order

Zomato initially started as a restaurant search engine and now offers food delivery and takeout services as well. Zomato partner restaurants while creating their business page on Zomato can enlist for food delivery services as well. It will help in increasing the overall turnover by contributing to direct sales.

Using Zomato’s food delivery service will bring down the clicks the potential client has to make between checking out the reviews and then ordering. Simplifying the process will enable in retaining the customer and prevent them from switching over to a competitive food delivery service or get distracted. 

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Participating in Zomaland

Zomaland is an excellent promotional opportunity to reach out to your existing and potential clients. Zomaland is basically a food carnival that brings together three elements and makes all kinds of events a hit – fun activities, lip-smacking food, and entertainment.

Zomaland witnesses a massive amount of people coming together to have a good time and setting up your own stall within the premises of the carnival will not only increase your sales but will also increase brand recognition. In 2019, Zomaland was held across 10 different cities and the New Delhi edition alone boasted of 35,000 people coming together to have fun. So, this is one benefit of promoting Zomato.

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Staying ahead of your competition is of utmost importance if you want to boost your revenue in a competitive market. Zomato is one of the few companies dominating the Internet for years and has come out as a winner despite the hurdles thrown in its path. Advertising on such a platform will prove beneficial for your business in the long run.

How Can Indifi Help In This Effort?

While Zomato will give you the strategies and the platform to grab eyeballs, Indifi can help you by supporting your business financially. Indifi strives to help small businesses flourish and grow by offering loans. It targets businesses that have potential but do not have the means of getting financial help.

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