Why Store Your Graphic Design Assets in The Cloud?

Most graphic designers are often faced with the challenge of data storage. This could have you juggling several storage methods, from CDs and hard drives to thumb drives. Using some of these methods to store your data may expose you to the risk of data loss or theft. Not to mention, you will have difficulty carrying those devices with you.

Cloud storage, however, is a more convenient option that will solve all your graphic design storage challenges. The cloud will allow you to back up your files on a remote server for easy access whenever and wherever you need them. Here’s why you should keep your amazing illustrations, 3D animated logos, and other valuable assets in the cloud:

Why Choose Cloud?

Cloud storage solutions are ideal for anyone who values their sensitive documents’ convenience and safety. If storing your graphic design assets only, you can choose a public cloud offering that’s convenient for your case. That said, cloud storage services are becoming more accessible and cost-effective by the day, thanks to storage as a service model where you only pay for what meets your needs. If you consider using a cloud storage solution, here’s how you’ll benefit.


If you use CDs or thumb drives that are not encrypted, your data can be copied and shared. These devices can also be easily misplaced or stolen. By shifting to cloud storage, you save your data on redundant servers, so even if your data center collapse, other data centers will still manage your data. Additionally, your cloud storage allows you to delete files from a particular device without necessarily having physical access to that device. This boosts security and data integrity.

Access Anywhere

Unlike physical storage devices like hard drives, cloud storage allows you to access data anywhere and anytime. You can also download your data if you want to print or share a document with someone else.

Massive File Storage

As a designer, there is always a possibility that you’ll run out of space, especially if you are working on motion designs. Cloud storage will give you a scalable and convenient location to store all your files, regardless of size. Since your needs vary, you have the choice to scale the service up or down. That also means you pay for the storage based on what you want/use.

Multi-user Access and Collaboration

Multiple users can conveniently connect to a cloud storage environment, meaning your team can simultaneously access a shared file or project regardless of their physical locations. For example, you can enable other users to access your files and edit them in real-time from any part of the world. Similarly, you can collaborate with your clients throughout the design process by giving them access to your design prototypes and even completed projects.

File Recovery

There are situations where you find yourself deleting essential files accidentally. If you are using cloud storage, you’ll usually have the option to restore your file with a simple click of a button. This isn’t always the case with physical storage solutions. Most cloud storage plans will allow you to retrieve deleted files for up to 30 days. This is more than enough time to recover your otherwise-lost files.

You may also find yourself in a situation where you’ve overwritten your design with a new version and are unhappy with the outcome. Luckily, most cloud storage solutions have been designed to keep track of previously stored files or programs, meaning you can easily recover your original design.

The Bottom Line

Knowing that your graphics design assets are always safe, secure, and accessible gives you peace of mind. Regardless of how big, small or complicated your design project or documents are, you can always find a cloud storage package to suit your needs.