Since e-commerce sites have been using product reviews since 1997, many online customers today have come to appreciate the importance of reviews on e-commerce stores, especially one the size of Flipkart. According to Nielsen’s online shopping report, it is claimed that about 40% of customers say they won’t even buy a particular product without reading online reviews. Moreover, Reviews have become even more critical since there can be no test or trial done on the product, a thing that’s possible in physical stores.

A survey by Advances in Economics and Businesses Journal

Advances in Economics and Businesses Journal recently conducted a study on the likelihood of online reviews influencing purchase decisions and the findings are: “85.57 per cent of the participants stated that they read reviews often or very often before they purchase online. Of the participants who read reviews, 83.65 per cent compared positive and negative reviews with each other”.

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More importantly, it is claimed by that 94% of people refuse to visit a business altogether solely based on the reviews given by e-commerce portals like Flipkart. It means Flipkart is a significant player who is catering to millions of people on an everyday basis, and they also play a crucial role as a service provider to businesses who sell their stuff online through them. It is why it has become so important for branding.

Why you need to understand the power of Positive Customer Reviews

Understanding the need for positive customer reviews will help you optimize your customer experience and create a positive online footprint. That is why we have curated a list of reasons why customer curated reviews are essential for your brand.  

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1. Socially Approved Products Drive Purchases

We are more likely to buy a product if others around us, even if total strangers agree that it is the right decision. These days online reviews have become the most significant mark of social approval, and they have an impact on sales.

Take the example of Xiaomi Smartphones in India; started out as a strictly online brand with the introduction of Mi 3 on Flipkart. Today, due to millions of positive reviews received by the company online, Xiaomi has thousands of stores across India and is a market leader in terms of medium-range smartphones.

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2. They’ll make you more visible to people

It is simple to understand that being a successful brand also means that you have to have an online presence. Most shoppers these days will search for the thing they want to buy either on Search engines like Google, Bing or refer to Social Media like Facebook and Instagram for the same. All of these values have their algorithms to display a specific type of content. but none of them will ever miss a thing as fresh and authentic as a customer review that is for sure. Having Flipkart as a platform with positive reviews will only enhance your presence on all these platforms.

  3. Positive Reviews make you look trustworthy in the eyes of a Customer

It is a no-brainer that your brand can make considerable value just by a pipeline of fresh, positive reviews flowing online regularly. We need to look at far as examples of companies like Xiaomi, Oneplus and Realme from the smartphone industry to affirm the same.Trust is very important in online business and people blindly trust reviews on Flipkart. Hence positive reviews are always an advantage

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Most shoppers don’t trust companies and products with reviews with an average rating that is less than four stars out of five. While this leaves a  minimal margin for error for those making the product, on the contrary, the same thing results in increased sales and conversion rates for those who are able to achieve such a feat..

4. Open communication possible with reviews. This helps in Image building or branding.

Customers don’t usually forget after reviewing a product; these days they also expect some replies from your side. These reviews provide you with a forum to build a positive image of your business by thanking your customers, promoting your products and apologizing for bad product experience to show them that you care.

These days there’s no need to build a dedicated forum to know what’s going on in your customer’s minds. It’s all on e-commerce websites for you to see.

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Before the introduction of mega e-commerce giants like Flipkart, customer reviews used to be underestimated somewhat, but today they are taken as seriously as the product itself. This has not only given your business a chance  to be able to know what your customers want but also resulted in valuation for consumers.

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Getting yourself positive reviews on Flipkart can really go a long way, especially if you own an ambitious business with plans to expand your grasp and reach.

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