The number of people visiting your website keeps rising but the number of sales made stays the same? We can compare this situation to a store: a lot of people go in and out of a store, without buying a thing, which means that the products, prices or the marketing is just not engaging enough for the customers. 

A lot of visits on your website do not necessarily mean a lot of customers and income. The reason for that is that the content you are offering on your website is not engaging enough or the sign u forms are too demanding.

In today’s article, we will be talking about the things you are doing wrong, how to fix them, and what to add to bring in more customers.

Here are a few tips to do so:

1. Free offers

Now, this might seem weird, we are talking about increasing our income and yet the first tip to do so is by offering free stuff to your customers. But let us be honest, even you are tempted to buy something if it is on sale, buy one get one free, or even getting samples, promo codes, or participating in giveaways. So offering stuff like these to your customers will for sure make them want to spend money on your website and maybe even come back again. 

2. Proof of the quality of your product

You see a lot of celebrities and people marketing certain products on their social media platforms, and it is a well-known fact that people tend to buy what they see other people buying. Posting images and honest reviews of your products is always a big plus. People will gain a type of trust in you and your product when seeing it is useful to other people. 

3. Introducing your product

Now, when we compared an online store to a real-life one it is not that easy. When a customer goes to a store in real life, he can see the product, feel it, even try it. But, when it comes to an online store it is really difficult to present your product closest to an in a real-life one. A lot of people do tricks like demo videos, images of the product, or even videos of other customers using your product. It is said that a good quality video rise the possibility of selling a product with 85%!

4. Mobile version

We have replaced our PCs and laptops almost completely with our phones, and it is only logical to have an option to shop straight from our phones. Almost 90% of websites’ buyers shop using their phones, not their PCs.  So it makes sense, to gain more customers, that investing in a mobile interface will for sure make itself worth it. 

5. Design

People are visual beings, and as such, their decision making is heavily influenced by the visual appearance of your website. Combining colors, arranging the buttons, controlling the crownless, navigation…all of those pieces merged, complete the design puzzle that makes the difference between top or flop in your sites’ success. Play around with the possibilities, note the important factors, or even hire a specialist to guide you in your designing tasks, since it’s a factor that will help you boost your conversions drastically. 

6. Exit-intent pop-up

Exit intent popup is a really cool trick used by many websites out there. Its main purpose is to engage people into not leaving the site. For example, most of them are programmed in a way that as you swipe your cursor to close the tab or window, a big popup appears offering you some kind of a great deal that you would not like to miss out on. This makes a lot of the page visitors stay, but also a lot of them to buy a product that you are offering.

7. A live chat

This is another great trick for making people stay and keeping them entertained. Its basically telling them: ‘’Hey, we are here you can talk to us now’’. It is said it can increase the possibility of sales made by even 45%. You can even personalize the type of message you want to send to a certain customer based on many factors, so setting up a live chat can be extremely beneficial. 

8. Don’t be rude

Some pages are really rude when it comes to free trials. Once the customers decide to try out the free trial, they make it almost impossible to cancel, which is something that you definitely want to avoid. Every customer has to have an option to cancel their free trial whenever they want. Another thing to stop doing is asking card details for a free trial. Giving out card details is a personal thing. So when signing up for a free trial why is it necessary to give out card details? Giving a ‘’no card required’’ in the free trial option will give your possible future customers some type of trust and show them the confidence you have in your product. 

9. Feedback

Whether it is a paying customer or just a person that has used their free trial, giving them the option of leaving feedback is a plus. This will showcase all of your good reviews, but also show people that you are interested in improving and that you listen to all of your customers. 

10. Make buying easiest possible

Nobody wants to go through a big fuss when wanting to buy something. It should be as minimal possible making it easy to shop, for not only teens and adults who know how to use the internet, but also for the elders who do not have as much knowledge in the tech world. Try making buying possible without a complicated and often long sign up process, offer free shipping, and have as much description what to do in the next step so the people do not get lost. 

11. Focus on profit

The main purpose of the webpage is its profit, and you want every action of the website to be profit-related. Keeping your page as simple as possible, without any distractions, will make your customers focus on the product more than on the page itself. This for sure rises the chances of sales made.


Web-marketing is much more than just building a website and hoping for the best. There is a lot of competition out there and you want to make constant improvements to your website. We hope you find these tips and tricks helpful and that you will see an improvement when it comes to your number of sales.

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

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