You know what’s been totally capturing my attention in the design world recently? The Call of Duty font! Seriously, it’s like the perfect mix of badass and sleek. I can’t wait to share this journey with you as we dive deep into this font’s awesomeness.

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So, gear up and get ready to embark on this wild typography adventure inspired by one of the most legendary gaming franchises.

About Call of Duty

Activision created the video game Call of Duty in 2003. From 2007, the shooter’s attention shifted from World War Two to contemporary times. Today, the game is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii consoles as well as all major operating systems.

It is advised to use the “Call of Operations Duty” typeface, designed by Allison James of Chequered Ink, if you’re seeking for the Call of Duty font name to mimic the look of the logo in your own works. One of the most played first-person shooter video games in the world is called Call of Duty, and its emblem is easily identifiable. The original logo, which was created using the high-end typeface “Impact,” served as the inspiration for this font.

Call-of-Duty-Logo What's The Call Of Duty Font Called And Are There Alternatives?

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The Call of Duty logo has seen a slight change from its original design. The title is what draws the most attention because it effectively captures the game’s aesthetic and informational character. Just the characters’ size, shape, inter-symbol spacing, minor cuts, and color were impacted by the fixes. The modifications were evolving continuously.

The inscription in the logo was likely written in Impact Sans Serif typeface. The font is reminiscent of Call of Duty’s customized font. The color scheme is primarily monochrome. Black, gray in all tones, off-white, green, and red-orange are all included in its color gamut.

The Call Of Duty Font

The video game logos for the Call of Duty series don’t employ a particular font. There are a few fonts that closely resemble the original CoD font, though.

impact-1 What's The Call Of Duty Font Called And Are There Alternatives?

The font used for the Call of Duty logo is highly reminiscent of the Impact font, which was carefully created by Geoffrey Lee in 1965 and published by the Stephenson Blake style foundry.

Impact typeface is renowned for its tightly packed and substantial shapes that are intended to catch the viewer’s eye. The Impact-based Call of Duty font features a distinctive design that is both robust and elegant. It may offer any project a strong, polished appearance.

It’s also important to note how many video games have been inspired by the Call of Duty series. These games have several titles. The fonts used in one Call of Duty game might not always be the same as those used in other CoD games. The video game Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is a prime example, as it employs the Courier font for the tweet.

Courier-font-free-download-1 What's The Call Of Duty Font Called And Are There Alternatives?

Howard Kettler created the monospaced slab serif font called Courier. In 1956, he designed the typewriter font used by IBM. However IBM didn’t register the name Courier as a trademark. This typeface, which has 399 glyphs, is highly attractive and perfect for usage in every situation. The modern age makes excellent use of the courier font.

Alternatives of The Call Of Duty Font

Eagle Font

eagle-2-741x415-16df4a9a9c-1 What's The Call Of Duty Font Called And Are There Alternatives?

M.F. Benton created Eagle Bold in 1933. It has hefty, distinctive spurs on the capital G and Q and is written in a geometric Sans Serif typeface. The Eagle Bold font’s all-caps appearance makes it ideal for magazine and book covers, posters, and packaging.

Faux Snow Font

faux-snow What's The Call Of Duty Font Called And Are There Alternatives?

Aenigma created the holiday and Christmas font Fake Snow. The typeface has a free license. Both personal and commercial use of the font are free. 94 distinct glyphs make up the 96 specified characters in the Faux Snow font.


Moon Runes Font

Moon-Runes-font-free-1 What's The Call Of Duty Font Called And Are There Alternatives?

The delicate and very distinct Moon Runes Script font has elegant characters like ribbons and bells. This lovely typeface is ideal for holiday promotions and holiday designs. The typeface Moon Runes has a retro-classic appearance and a modern-classic feel. This font draws its design cues from minimalist dingbats and vintage signage. You and every designer will have a lot of possibilities thanks to the all-caps font’s more than 100 variants, which will allow for many different design projects.

Ed Gothic Font

ed-gothic-font-500x300-1 What's The Call Of Duty Font Called And Are There Alternatives?

The Ed Gothic typeface is great for display projects because of its condensed characters. This typeface was created using capital and lowercase characters that can be used for projects and display designs. It has a very condensed texture appearance that makes it simple to offer your creations a striking font impression. It can be seen as a heading on various websites. Designers are using this typeface in the bulk of their display designs because it is in high demand among them. Moreover, this design includes a partnering quality that makes it simple to combine with different font types.

IBM Plex Sans Thai Font

ibm-plex-sans-thai-741x415-1d48661053-1 What's The Call Of Duty Font Called And Are There Alternatives?

IBM A family of typefaces called Plex™ was created by independent Dutch type foundry Bold Monday and IBM BX&D designer Mike Abbink. Plex was created to highlight the special link between people and machines—an important theme for IBM since the turn of the century—and to convey the spirit and legacy of IBM.

As a result, a neutral yet amiable Grotesque typeface was created, which has outstanding legibility in print, online, and mobile interfaces and comprises Sans, Sans Condensed, Mono, Serif, and several more styles for various languages. The three designs of Plex function well separately and much better when combined. Employ the Mono to display code snippets, the Serif for editorial narrative, or the Sans as a contemporary companion. You have extra design alternatives thanks to the italics’ unexpectedly expressive character.

PT Sans Font

pt-sans-font-1-big What's The Call Of Duty Font Called And Are There Alternatives?

A widely used type family is PT Sans. It has eight styles: two narrow styles (regular and bold) are designed for documents that require a tight set; two caption styles (regular and bold) are for texts of small point sizes. Regular and bold weights with corresponding italics make up a common computer font family.

The layout mixes a conventionally conservative appearance with contemporary humanistic sans serif tendencies and is distinguished by improved legibility. These characteristics, in addition to their traditional uses in commercial applications and printed materials, made the typefaces suitable for usage in direction and guide signs, schemes, information kiosk screens, and other urban visual communication items.

Alternative fonts to the Call of Duty Font include:

  • Alien Dude Font
  • SAF Font
  • Lucky Charms Font

Call of Duty Font Usages Ideas

  • Making unique graphics to promote a team or clan in video games, such as posters or social media graphics.
  • Using the Call of Duty font to create custom apparel or mugs with gaming themes.
  • Creating unique banners, thumbnails, or profile photos for a personal Twitch or YouTube gaming channel.
  • Creating a unique logo or branding for a blog or website dedicated to your gaming.
  • Creating a unique title screen or intro for video game montages or other personal video editing projects.
  • Creating a custom or team jersey or uniform for the e-sports league or competition.

License Info

This typeface may be used without charge for any form of private project or for personal use. If you want to use it for business purposes, you must obtain a license from an authorized website.

FAQs on the Call of Duty font

What is the Call of Duty font?

The Call of Duty video game brand has its own distinctive typeface that appears in the series’ logo and promotional materials. The game’s military aesthetic is reflected in the font, which is both futuristic and bold.

Where can I download the Call of Duty font?

Since Activision owns the font and uses it only in the Call of Duty video game franchise, the font is not accessible for download. However, there are a number of similar typefaces that can be used as substitutes and are either freely accessible or can be purchased.

Is the Call of Duty font free to use?

The Call of Duty font is not public domain because Activision owns the licensing rights to it. The usage of this font calls for a license and approval from the manufacturer.

Can I use the Call of Duty font for commercial projects?

Activision’s authorization and licensing are required before the Call of Duty font can be used in a commercial project. Before putting any font to commercial use, be sure you understand the license requirements.

What are the characteristics of the Call of Duty font?

The Call of Duty font has some distinctive features, including a futuristic, militaristic aesthetic. It’s a versatile typeface that captures the spirit of battle and conflict important to the game.

How can I install the Call of Duty font on my computer?

Because it is a proprietary typeface owned by Activision, the Call of Duty font cannot be installed on your computer.

What file types are available for the Call of Duty font?

Due to Activision’s ownership of the Call of Duty font, it is only available in one file format. The company’s preferred format is the only one accepted.

Does the Call of Duty font support multilingual characters?

Due to its primary focus on English text, the Call of Duty typeface does not support multilingual characters.

Are there any similar fonts to the Call of Duty font?

The Futura Bold font, for example, has a comparable bold and futuristic appearance to the Call of Duty font, and is one of several fonts that can be used instead.

Can the Call of Duty font be used for merchandise or branding purposes?

Activision’s approval and licensing are required prior to using the Call of Duty font on any merchandising or branding. Before putting any font to commercial use, be sure you understand the license requirements.

Ending thoughts on The Call of Duty font

You may download the Call of Duty font for free and use it on both personal and professional projects. Suitable for display designs like posters, book covers, and album covers, it is a flexible font. Moreover, it is frequently used to design fonts, brand logos, and other things in printed products like newspapers, magazines, and other things.

The Call of Duty typeface is a fantastic option for anyone wishing to add some personality to their designs because of its artistic style and powerful visual effect.

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