I recently stumbled upon something totally captivating: Samurai fonts. Yeah, you read that right! Those powerful, striking typefaces were inspired by legendary Japanese warriors.

Well, I couldn’t resist delving deeper, and now I’m stoked to share an intro for an article all about these awe-inspiring fonts. Are you ready to unsheathe your katana and explore the world of Samurai fonts with me? Let’s do this!

I’ve always been fascinated by how certain fonts can evoke such strong emotions and images, and Samurai fonts are no exception. They have this incredible ability to convey a sense of strength, honor, and discipline, all with just a few well-crafted strokes.

And guess what? There are so many different Samurai fonts out there, each with its own unique flair and style. From bold and fierce to elegant and understated, there’s a Samurai font for every mood and occasion.

This collection of samurai fonts, which takes inspiration from the bravery and honor of samurai, has a noticeable roughness to it and commands attention right away.

As a result, it may be your greatest option for expressing an explicitly serious and unpleasant mood that shouldn’t be trifled with. Choose one of these magnificent fonts to personalize your writing, and let the strength of their design stun your audience.

Best Samurai Fonts For Your Designs

These Japanese typefaces might be of great assistance if you want to make the Japanese influence stand out more noticeably.

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f3e7s1?v4a60e9ef938a7fa0240ac9ba567062cb The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

Samurai Shadow Brush Handwritten Font

Samurai-Shadow-Brush-Handwritten-Font-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

A stunning, stylish, elegant, and modern signature font is Samurai Shadow brush handwritten. This font is ideal for a wide range of projects, including clothes, branding, packaging design, magazine or book covers, stationery, wedding invitations, typography quotes, and more. Moreover, it can be used for editorial design or branding with a fashion-related theme.

Tomakai Font

Tomakai-Font-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

The retro-styled Tomakai typeface can be used for Japanese characters, several martial arts, sword games like BOTOJUTSU, or samurai movies.

Tomakai is an aggressive, angular display typeface designed to slice and dice through a range of circumstances. For the sports/performance, clothing, publishing, music, and entertainment industries, Tomakai is ideal. Tomakai combines a tough mentality with a serious attitude. Tomakai has been updated with lowercase letters, different glyphs, and an italic weight, making it more adaptable than ever! Tomakai is now available for more pieces, including social media posts, advertisements, comics, posters, albums, etc.

Fujimaru – Ninja’s Brush Font

Fujimaru-Ninjas-Brush-Font-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

The bold, handcrafted brush typeface Fujimaru has an Asian and Oriental aesthetic, making it the ideal partner for your creative project with an Asian focus. Choose your own approach when using Fujimaru. It might be a fun title for a cartoon movie or even a scary effect. In terms of the heading title, movie poster, quotes text, and other elements, Fujimaru is doing his best.

Broken Samurai – Brush Typeface

Broken-Samurai-Brush-Typeface The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

Broken Samurai is a distinctive yet lovely font. The letterform in the brush style has a smooth, energetic vibe that makes it particularly alluring to employ in design projects. This brush-style font has an exquisite appearance that can greatly enhance your designs. Because this font is PUA encoded, you can easily access all of the incredible glyphs and ligatures!

Western Samurai Font

Western-Samurai-Font The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

Western Samurai is a Free Typeface made by Woodcutter for individual use. The Various typeface Western Samurai is compatible with all platforms, including PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. There are 1 styles for this typeface (Western Samurai).

Samurai & Blade Font

Samurai-Blade-Font-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

Samurai & Blade is a Free Typeface designed by Weknow for individual use. The fancy typeface Samurai & Blade is compatible with all platforms, including PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. There are 1 styles for this typeface ( Samurai & Blade).


Sakura Town

Sakura-Town-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

A display typeface called Sakura Town was inspired by Japanese type brushes. This particular sort of typeface is well suited for use in logos as well as other formal contexts like invites, labels, logos, magazines, books, wedding and thank-you cards, packaging, fashion, make-up, stationery, novels, labels, and any kind of advertising.

Brutal Font

Brutal-Font-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

A beautifully made deformed display font that quickly became popular is called Brutal Font. This typeface will look fantastic in any setting, whether it’s used as a headline or on a backdrop with lots of activity!


Onigashima-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

Fachrizal Yusuf created the Onigashima Font Family, which Allouse Studio released. There is only one style in Onigashima. With its extensive stylistic collection and multilingual support, Onigashima offers you a wide range of customization options. Every title, logo, product packaging, branding project, magazine, social media, wedding, or simply utilized to express words over the background is suitable for Onigashima.

Brohero Typeface

Brohero-Typeface-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

The Brohero typeface draws inspiration from action movie posters with a military or samurai feel. The Brohero font’s bold character is ideal for creating hero movie titles, video game titles, logotypes, t-shirt designs, and other items with heroic themes. Swashes and symbols with the subject of heroes and conflict are available as options in the Brohero font. In addition, this typeface is really simple to use in both design and non-design programs because everything is changeable and Unicode is available for glyphs (PUA). There are 789 glyphs in all in the Brohero typeface, including multilingual symbols.

Isaneki Font

Isaneki-Font The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

Isaneki is a very distinctive display font with Asian influences. T-shirts, sportswear, logos, commercials, clothes, and more may all be designed using this font. As Isanekii is PUA encoded, you may easily access all glyphs and washes!

Takashimura Font

Takashimura-Font-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

Alit Suarnegara created the Takashimura Font Family, which was released by Alit Design. Takashimura offers family package options and 14 different styles. Takasimura was influenced by the distinctive and stylish handwriting of Japan. This Takasimura typeface is a comprehensible, multinational design solution with a Japanese theme. Naturally, this font is ideal for designs with Asian, Eastern, and Japanese themes. Aside from that, because Unicode supports all alternates and glyphs, this font is very simple to use in design and non-design programs (PUA).


Gatsunaga-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

Samurai swords in soft items covered with blood were the original inspiration for Gatsunaga Hand Brushes. The imprint hurt and moved quickly with a sharp edge. Gatsunaga Hand Brushes feature a pattern that represents power and quickness. But did not rule, this typeface design can be utilized for a variety of additional purposes, including book covers, movie posters, music performance flyers, and t-shit, among others.

Saburo Font

Saburo-Font-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

A bold and straightforward lettered display font, Saburo. Saburo was created to enhance the attractiveness of your crafts by being balanced, neither too thin or thick, and having a wide range of textures.

De Gozaru

De-Gozaru The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

The De Gozaru Font Family was created and released by Bejeletter. De Gozaru has one style. A traditional calligraphy font with a lovely arch is called De Gozaru. This typeface is offered in a variety of contemporary swirls that can make your work look beautiful, attractive, and pleasant. You can customize your writing by using one of the many different fonts available for this one.

Okami – Brush Font

Okami-Brush-Font-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

A hand-drawn brush typeface with rough and forceful letters is called Okami. It works well for logos, branding, print campaigns, and any headline that grabs attention. Okami contains numbers, punctuation, and uppercase multilingual letters. Moreover, many letters have different styles that can be switched using Caps Lock.

Genjiro Font

Genjiro-Font-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

Genjiro is a gorgeous display font in the Japanese aesthetic. This font is straightforward and simple to use, and it will look stunning when used with your various creative ideas.

Bejo Font

Bejo-Font-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

Rozikan Rozikan developed the Bejo Font Family, which Twinletter released. Bejo has one style. The Japanese display font BEJO features distinctive personalities for each of its letters. This font is suitable for a variety of project requirements, especially those that have Asian features. By using this typeface, you may produce a project that has a stunning, distinctive, and elegant appearance that people will remember. This typeface may be useful for logotypes, food banners, branding, brochures, posters, movie titles, book titles, quotes, and more.

The Last Shuriken – Japanese Style

The-Last-Shuriken-Japanese-Style-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

Japanese-inspired typeface called “The Last Shuriken”. inspired by contemporary Japanese anime titles and food branding. This font, which has various forms and an all-caps design with a bold stroke, has the same cap height. Particularly for Japanese food, titles, logos, posters, short quotes, movies, and games, The Last Shuriken is ideal for exhibition. complete with PUA and stylistic alternatives supported by a multilingual encoding!


E.Katakana The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

A traditional Japanese font with an Asian flavor that was designed to resemble katakana. Meant to be readable both horizontally and vertically. Used for the design of your upcoming sushi menu, flyers, business cards, and logos.

Kasuga Brush Font

Kasuga-Brush-Font-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

Jeremy Dooley created the Kasuga Brush Font Family, which was released by insigne. There are two types and family bundle options for Kasuga Brush. A contemporary script with eastern influences and realistic brush-drawn characters is called Kasuga Brush. The script provides two choices. The margins of one are somewhat damaged, while the other is painted with a dry brush to add fascinating texture. Sixty-four alternative ligatures guarantee that no two letters in a word repeat and create a realistic, hand-drawn feel.

Takatsuki Style – Japanese Display Font

Takatsuki-Style-Japanese-Display-Font-1 The Best Samurai Fonts for Your Japanese-Inspired Designs

The font in Japanese Display Takatsuki Style. Each of the glyphs in the Takatsuki Style incorporates ethnic and cultural characteristics. The Takatsuki Style typeface is appropriate for those of you who enjoy Japanese culture, in addition to those of you who own a Japanese restaurant, a Japanese clothing line, a Japanese art gallery, or other businesses with a Japanese theme. Many Open Type elements, including Swash, Stylistic Sets, Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates, and Ligature, were used to categorize the alternate characters.

FAQ about samurai fonts

What are samurai fonts?

A style of Japanese-inspired typeface known as a samurai font captures the aesthetic and visual characteristics of the samurai civilization. They frequently combine both modern and traditional aspects with powerful, bold strokes.

What is the history of samurai fonts?

Japanese calligraphy has a vast history that dates back to the beginning of time, as does the samurai culture. The distinctive calligraphy designs used in classical Japanese writing served as an inspiration for the samurai fonts we use today. Samurai culture has been glorified and idealised over time, and the distinctive calligraphy they used has gained popularity in contemporary branding and design.

What are some characteristics of samurai fonts?

Samurai fonts often have strong, pointed strokes that combine traditional and contemporary design features. They frequently use distinctive brushstrokes and clear, readable lettering to portray the spirit of samurai culture.

Where can I find samurai fonts?

Samurai fonts can be downloaded from a variety of websites, including those that focus on Japanese-inspired design components and font libraries. DaFont, FontSpace, and Font Squirrel are a few well-liked possibilities.

How can I use samurai fonts in my design projects?

Samurai typefaces may give your design projects a distinctive touch, especially if you’re going for a strong, powerful approach. They are frequently employed for branding, marketing materials, and other design tasks requiring a powerful visual effect.

Are samurai fonts free to use?

While some samurai fonts can be used for free, some could need a licence or payment for commercial use. When using any samurai fonts in your creative work, it’s crucial to review the licencing requirements to make sure you aren’t breaking any copyright restrictions.

Can samurai fonts be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use samurai fonts for business reasons. But, before utilising any samurai fonts in your design projects, be sure to check the licence restrictions. For use in projects intended for profit, some fonts might need a commercial licence or payment.

What are some popular samurai fonts?

Samurai Brush, Japonesa, Bushido, and Shogun are a few common samurai fonts. These fonts, which embody the spirit of the samurai culture and have strong, bold strokes, can give your creative projects a special touch.

What are some alternatives to samurai fonts?

If samurai fonts aren’t for you, you might want to look into other Japanese-inspired typefaces like Kanji or Hiragana. Also, these typefaces have clear, readable text with distinctive calligraphy designs.

How can I add samurai fonts to my computer?

Samurai fonts can be added to your computer by downloading and installing them from internet font libraries. After downloading the font files, you can install them on your computer by doing so by adhering to the font library’s instructions.

Ending thoughts on Samurai fonts

Because of the wide variety of samurai fonts, designers often select one or more of them. Its applications are quite diverse and can be used for a wide range of things, particularly in martial arts.

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