Fitness apps help us keep track of our health, but they’re also a privacy nightmare. If you’re not careful with how you use it, it can even put you in danger.

In this video we explore how they leak all kinds of information about us, how malicious actors scrape data from these apps to target people’s locations, and we look at their hidden settings that you might not realize are turned on.

00:00 Intro
01:05 Overview
01:34 Strava
3:03 Jack Rhysider’s home address EXPOSED
05:41 Military Bases EXPOSED
07:35 Honey Pots for Scraping User Data
08:51 CREEPIEST feature of all!
10:34 Current State of Fitness Trackers
13:03 What Can We Do
16:19 Conclusion

We can still have cool things, without normalizing data collection. If companies are going to collect all of our data, it’s time we start holding them accountable when they don’t protect that data or are reckless with how they use it. We need to start telling companies that privacy is important, and maybe they’ll start to listen.

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