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I bought every single generation of the Apple silicon MacBook Air and compared them in everything from CPU performance, coding, Adobe workflows, blender, gaming, battery life, and even thermal performance. The question is – which one should you get? The latest and greatest, or save some money and get the older versions?

These are the best MacBook Air deals I could find:
⮕ M1 MacBook Air: https://geni.us/m1air
⮕ M2 MacBook Air: https://geni.us/m2macbookair
⮕ M3 MacBook Air: https://geni.us/m3macbookair

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00:00 Which MacBook Air Is Best
00:33 Physical Differences
01:56 M2 vs M3 MacBook Air
03:09 Chip Differences
04:54 SSD Speed
05:21 Everyday and Multitasking Performance
06:39 AnkerWork S600
07:47 Battery Life
10:14 Thermal and Heat Performance
11:27 Is The Air Powerful Enough?
12:42 CPU Performance
12:54 Creative Workflows
13:32 3D Workflows
13:52 Gaming Performance
14:19 Which One Should You Buy?

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