Craving a pizza or a bagel? Well, you know what to do? Pick up your phone and order some mouth-watering dishes. Online ordering is the most significant trend of the decade, hands down. A food is delivering chains like Zomato, with a 50 percent market share, is ruling the hearts of people. Their recent acquisition has made them quite the talk of the town. Today in our blog, we will discuss their payment methodology and work on this food delivery service.

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Know More About Zomato:

Let’s start with a few words on what Zomato is what they offer. This platform is a restaurant or café search app that began in 2018 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. This is an excellent way of connecting the craving customers to delivering restaurants. The platform is ideal as the users get an entire overview of the place they are ordering. Starting from images of the food to reviews of other customers. 

Any restaurant with an online presence/ website or not can easily list themselves as a partner on the app. The platform further takes the responsibility of making your brand visible and accessible. The platform works on smart filters, so whenever you type a keyword, it shows results accordingly. 

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Zomato has introduced the online payment mode for a selective list of restaurants. Their services include ordering online food, listing restaurants, and food joints, and food delivery service.  With the latest version of IOS or Android-based applications, you can quickly pay through different modes. These include debit cards, credit cards, or any UPI mode for secure payment. 

How Can You Tie Up With Zomato Platforms?

  1. To create a listing on Zomato, visit the website and start by clicking on the “Add a restaurant “tag. 
  2. This lets you to an application form with the necessary details to fill. 
  3. This form starts with your necessary credentials and goes on to cover every possible detail about the restaurant. 
  4. After completing the form, your listing will be complete. 

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Advantages of Partnering with Zomato 

  • Marketing – With platforms like Zomato, you can efficiently market your restaurant with the proper streamlining of ads, propositions, and offers. 
  • With a partnership from Zomato, you don’t have to worry about delivering the food with your staff. Thus no need to hire more working staff or delivering staff. 
  • With easy tracking facilities, customers easily stay updated, and all their queries can be solved smoothly. In case of trouble, their customer service team quickly solves it by coordinating it with respective teams. 
  • Get tremendous traction and make your brand readily available with this platform. 

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How does the payment work?

Users can opt to enter their card details manually or scan to enter details. The organization has also introduced a scanning option to join them. Zomato credit is one new addition that could help you get some referral points for further payments. 

New App- Zomato has launched a new separate application called the Zomato Order for ordering. But the point worthy of note is that the user can only use the cash on delivery option to pay. 

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Zomato & MaplePOS Acquisition

Zomato in March 2015 acquired this cloud-based restaurant (POS). This system used an Android-based POS system that can help create customized hardware and other significant restaurant features. These include menus, inventory management, and inbuilt payment solutions to accept credit cards and debit cards. Further, this app also is a great way to maintain your application for payments, recipe management, customer relationship management, and data analytics, among others.

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