We always envisioned FastComet as a global hosting platform enabling people worldwide to develop and scale their businesses in an era where connectivity and global reach are paramount. As a result, making enterprise-grade infrastructure and exceptional customer service affordable and accessible to everyone everywhere has become our hallmark.

With 11 data centers already dotting the map and following our highly successful expansion in the Asia-Pacific and Oceania regions, we are thrilled to announce the addition of two new data center locations. Notably, one of these marks our entry into the last major geographic region previously not served by our network: Latin America. This expansion is an important milestone, culminating years of dedicated effort to provide our core offerings in all key global markets.

Um grande alô para o Brasil!

The launch of our new data center location in São Paulo, Brazil, is not just another addition to our network for us; it represents the completion of a strategic objective to be a truly global web hosting platform. With Brazil now on our map, we are thrilled to deliver world-class hosting services locally to one of South America’s fastest-growing markets.

Our brand-new data center location is ready to meet the demands and needs of our new customers on the continent. Welcome aboard! If you are an existing customer of ours from the region, we cordially invite you to transfer your hosting plan to the new data center. Our expert Technical Support team will perform all transfers for free.

Our expansion continues in Europe, with Italy emerging as a key player in our global strategy. Over the past two years, Italy has grown to become home to our ninth-largest customer base. The support and trust from our Italian customers have been overwhelming. In response, we are excited to announce a new data center location in Milan, Italy.

This expansion into Milan is more than just a response to growing demand; it’s a commitment to bring our exceptional service even closer to our Italian customers. With a local presence in Italy, we are poised to offer an even more tailored and efficient service, solidifying our competitive edge in this exciting market.

Infrastructure and Performance

To ensure we can provide the world-class service we strive towards, we have equipped our new data centers in São Paulo and Milan with the latest hardware and software stacks. This way, we can ensure 100% uptime, security, and speed for all our customers in the regions. Customers all around South America should experience faster load times and less latency when hosting their websites on our data center in São Paulo. The same applies to all our customers in Italy and the Adriatic and Mediterranean regions. Please take a look at the two tables below for yourselves. You will see just how quickly local clients connect to the server, as opposed to those elsewhere in the world.

Sao Paulo:

Sao Paulo, BR - Speed & Performance FastComet


Milan, IT - Speed & Performance FastComet

Finally, all our Shared Hosting, VPS, and DS packages are available to and fully supported by those data centers, so you will not have to choose between variety or performance.


We hope you share in our excitement about these two new data center locations in São Paulo and Milan. They are excellent if you wish to host a website in either of those two or their neighboring regions. Particularly when it comes to Brazil, as it is our first foray into the South American continent. Please let us know what you think. You can easily select either of these locations when purchasing a hosting plan. Alternatively, you can also transfer your existing plan to either of the locations by simply opening a ticket with our 24/7 Technical Support department.

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