The homepage is the most important part of your website. People who visit other parts of your website will click on the logo icon of your website to visit the homepage and learn more about you.

When they make this visit, it should be your role to convert as much of the traffic as possible. This is why you should pay close attention and design the best homepage.

Here are some of my top tips for designing your homepage…

Add social proof

People have always found it hard to trust things online as there are so many scams. And the rise of AI has made it easy for anyone to fake it. This is why if you want to get that instant credibility, you need to optimize your homepage for social proof. The simplest way to do this is by displaying testimonials, ratings, and reviews from your customers like DoFasting does here.

ss-1 5 Homepage Conversion Strategies You Must Know

When you display reviews like this, it will help you build instant credibility when someone visits your website, even if that is their first brand impression. If you want to go a step further, you might want to experiment with video testimonials. Of course, the ideal form of social proof is a case study where you share a customer success story in detail.

Reduce load

Homepages are usually design-heavy with lots of visuals. It makes sense why people add so many visuals. You can include a lot of information in videos and images than you can do with simple text. Also, it gives people a break from the text.

But the problem with adding all those images is that it increases your homepage’s loading time. And as you know, a slow-loading website will kill your conversion rate. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to make any webpage load faster.

Here are a few steps you can take…

Reduce visual size: There are many tools that make it easy to reduce the image size without sacrificing quality. Use these to reduce your image sizes. There are also video hosting services that can help your videos load more quickly.

Invest in good website hosting: Dedicated hosting provided by a top-of-the-line hosting service can improve your loading time even if you have a lot of images. Make sure you move to one. You might not like the price, but they’re worth it because the increase in conversion rate will pay you multiple times over. Combining the hosting service with a content delivery network will help too.

Cache your web pages: This simple step will improve your loading speed quickly. There are many WordPress plugins that make this step easy.

Add an optin

Only a small fraction of people who visit your homepage will convert to sales. Most people are not ready to buy immediately. Trust is a big factor that thwarts people from spending money on your product.

If you take steps to build a relationship with these potential customers and establish authority and trust over time, they will be more likely to buy your products. The first step to get this right is by getting them to optin. So, create a lead magnet and get people to sign up for it. You can place a quiz, an ebook, or a tutorial on the homepage and only give access if people sign up.

Once people are on your list, you can nurture them via email, survey them, retarget them with ads, and use various other strategies to get them to buy your product.

Design for first-time visitors

80% of visits to a website are first-time visitors. If you check your website analytics right now, you will find that only around 20% of visits are repeat visits. The rest will be new visitors. This is why you should focus on new visitors and optimize your website for them. So, close your eyes and think about what these new visitors will be looking for when they visit your website and what sort of experience will they look forward to, and then design a website that will appease them.

Track visits in detail

It’s impossible to create the best version of your website in your first attempt. To get the best version, you need to create a website, track every visit, and then use the data to improve your website.

So, make sure you collect both qualitative and quantitative data and use the information to improve your websites.

The best marketers usually create multiple versions of websites and landing pages for each channel. There’s one for search engines and another one for paid media. Some will even have different versions for different paid media, such as search ads, Instagram ads, and so on.

Now make a high-converting homepage

These are the five best strategies you can use to make your high-converting homepage. Use them to start getting customers and lead immediately.

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